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Upgrades and Migrations

Leverage Modern Technology to Thrive Global Implementations

Modern Cloud ERP

Improve Visibility

Reduce Infrastructure

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a significant technology upgrade for Companies using Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you all the functionality you have come to rely on from Dynamics NAV; however, it’s what’s under the hood that delivers tremendous value. 

What will you gain from an upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Modernize how you work.

Browser-based - Access your business system from any device that has an internet connection. Free your people to work from anywhere they are, on any device.

Easy-to-use Interface - A new, simple design improves the user experience and encourages teams to work together. 

Works with other cloud applications - Integrates seamlessly with other cloud platforms such as Power BI, Dynamics Customer Engagement (CRM), and Office 365. Reduce costs with connected technology that improves productivity.

Bmi Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central

More visibility, less disruptions

Improve reporting & business intelligence

Access broad sets of business data and use analytical services to make sense of the data. Know what is happening in your business in real-time so you can make decisions that matter to the health of your organization. 


Get frequent time-saving updates 

Always operate on the latest features and fixes with frequent roll-outs of updates from Microsoft. There’s no need to disrupt your business to keep you current on your core business system. 


If you have add-on software that you rely on, the BMI team can give you a fair estimate to bring your favorite functionality forward if it makes good business and economic sense. There are many apps available in the Microsoft app store that may replace your custom functionality.


Now is the time to upgrade

Microsoft invests in continuously improving and evolving their business applications. If you have put off upgrading, Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers immediate value to your organization so you can benefit from the latest cloud ERP platform. 

Are you running your business on an unsupported version?

The BMI team is ready to upgrade you to the latest version of Dynamics 365 Business Central so that you can benefit from Microsoft’s productivity and technology enhancements. Here are the lifecycle dates for Dynamics NAV versions. 

Lifecycle Start Date
Mainstream Support End Date
Purchased Extended Support End Date
Dynamics NAV 2018
Dynamics NAV 2017
Dynamics NAV 2016
Dynamics NAV 2015
Dynamics NAV 2013 Service Pack 1
Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

Mainstream support end date means that Microsoft will no longer offer any bug fixes and patches, end-of-year service packs, or support. In addition, all third-party compatible apps will no longer update. However, those who purchased extended support from Microsoft will continue support until the extended support end date.  

Trust your upgrades to BMI 

We bring years of product knowledge to your team. We have the skilled resources to upgrade your Dynamics ERP to Dynamics 365 Business Central efficiently. Our deep knowledge of the software and 32 years of business experience will accelerate the upgrade process to save you time and money.

Microsoft offers cloud-based ERP

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central has cloud or on-premise deployment options. Cloud deployment means you never have to be concerned with keeping up with the versions released. You will always operate on the latest software version with automatic updates that are not disruptive or costly to implement.  


If you have been operating on an older ERP/accounting system, your business processes have likely evolved over time. The latest innovations from our flagship ERP product, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, allows you to gain a competitive advantage. For 35 years BMI has empowered our customers by supporting business systems that boost productivity, which makes us the right choice to be your technology partner.

Migrate your data from older versions of Microsoft Dynamics

BMI can migrate the data from your current Dynamics system to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Whether you are on Dynamics NAV, SL, or GP, we have the skills to smoothly transition your ERP system to Business Central. 

We are familiar with Microsoft’s migration tools and can advise you on the most efficient method to deploy your Dynamics 365 Business Central, whether that is on-premise or in the cloud. Our team will thoughtfully listen to you about your current situation and goals, and design a plan that will meet your needs and your budget.

Transition smoothly from other ERP systems

If you are operating on another business system like QuickBooks, and want to transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central, we can speed up the process with templates to make the migration painless.

Is it time for a fresh start?

For heavily modified business systems, we may recommend a fresh install and implementation so you can operate on a standard solution. You’ll have the opportunity to clean up your data which may be more cost-effective approach when migrating from a more complex implementation. A new install gives you the opportunity to rethink your processes, clean up your data, and improve efficiencies. 

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