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ERP Services

We’ll Help You Love Technology Again

BMI has invested in keeping our highly-skilled employees up-to-date with ever-changing technology; many on the team have been with us for decades. We are excited by all the changes in the tech industry and always stay current on industry innovations. 

The quality of our ERP services is unmatched. We are recognized by our clients and software manufacturers for our dedication to customer service and have earned certifications and awards to honor our team. 

There is nothing more reassuring then working with a company that cares about solving our issues when we ask for help. The BMI team consistently comes through for us with dedicated, very smart people who know our business and support us in achieving our goals.

Dean Ubriaco-Director Of Operations


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Deployment Options

BMI can advise you of the best deployment option for your unique requirements.


Install your software on your company’s servers, behind its firewall. Some enterprises want to maintain more control of their software, perhaps due to industry regulations. To deploy on-premise, the company purchases a license or a copy of the software to use it. 

There can be a downside for keeping your data on-premise. The setup requires investing in server hardware, software licenses, integrations, and IT technical support. The company is also responsible for replacing or repairing equipment when something breaks.


You own the software and install it on a third party site to offload the infrastructure costs. The host company purchases and maintains all the hardware and uses its IT resources to keep everything running smoothly. 

Public Cloud

In a public cloud computing environment, the service provider hosts your software resources, but enterprises pay for access to those resources by the amount of computing power they use. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are good examples of this model. 


You pay a monthly service fee to access software that a manufacturer owns. They maintain a secure environment, update the software as needed, and you access it through the internet. (Software as a Service) All you need is a browser-based device and you can operate from anywhere, anytime.

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To ensure a successful project, BMI performs an ERP Discovery engagement to work with you on a plan to meet your business objectives. We spend time learning about your operations and take care to identify any unique requirements or processes to consider in our project plan. 

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We’ll look at your existing technology and find out what makes the most sense for improving your business processes. We recommend Discovery as the first step as the foundation for making sure we meet your goals and objectives.


The BMI team knows how to deliver on-time and within budget. If you ever implemented an ERP solution before without the support you needed, you will appreciate what our team of experts contribute to the project. 

Our skilled team knows technology. We can recommend the best tech decisions to help you improve efficiencies. But it doesn’t stop there. We understand business. We bring three decades of business experience in many industries so we can apply best practices to your project. 

We use a strong methodology to get you up and running smoothly and follow project management best-practices to ensure a successful outcome. 

The key to BMI’s success is that they are deeply entrenched in our industry, so they give value every time we engage with them.

Aja Stickler-Director of Marketing

Southwest School & Office Supply


Everyone has different learning styles. That’s why we offer training videos, documentation, and remote training sessions so you can empower your employees. Gain your employees' buy-in for the new system to give them confidence to get their jobs done.

On-going Support

Your BMI team is here for the long-haul. Once you are fully implemented, we are available to support your system as needed. We use technology to track your communications and our responses to issues. 

Best of all, we have the expertise in-house to handle any issues that may come up.  BMI’s team is eager to learn about your business, and we listen carefully to insights only you and your staff can provide. Many of our professionals are cross-trained and can reliably back up other team members for uninterrupted service. 

We know when to escalate issues with the software manufacturers, so you get the answers you need now.  Although many consultants claim to be a trusted advisor, we earn that title honestly. Moreover, we don’t just fix a problem; rather, we train you to be self-sufficient.

Want to learn more? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us.
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