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Business Management International
  • Larry Schiff 


    Founder, former President, and current CEO of Business Management International (BMI) Larry Schiff has been in the software consulting and business management arena for over thirty years. At BMI, Mr. Schiff works with his talented and experienced staff to provide the highest quality services possible.  Schiff is also responsible for providing a vision for BMI and to ensure that the company is a leader in the industry. As President, he has successfully brought BMI from one Manhattan office to eight offices in North America to a currently "virtual" company all over North America. He is a founding member of PIPOL, a Project Management team that specializes in working with partner members all over the world, performing ERP implementation for clients with an international presence.

    Mr. Schiff used his business background to begin his work in the international consulting business. 

    "The difference between BMI and other consulting firms is that we have the experience to get the job done", asserts Schiff. "The technology has become so sophisticated that customers need to work with a company of BMI´s capabilities and experience to have a successful project. The implementation phase can be very scary. BMI, in partnership with our clients, will go the distance when designing and overseeing new implementations. Our experience and consultative approach allow us to create the best software solution for each client".

  • Laurel Loehlin 


    As President of Business Management International (BMI), Ms Loehlin works closely with CEO Larry Schiff and the BMI team to bring about new software implementations to customers all over the world. She also contributes to the design strategy for new clients, working with all project teams to ensure the clients get the best solution possible.

    Loehlin´s background as a Business Process Design specialist and programmer for a "Big Six" consulting firm gave her extensive in-depth experience and knowledge of many industries, and led to a stint as the Director of MIS for an NYSE-listed company. She has over 25 years experience developing software solutions for companies. She received both an MBA and BBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

    "My primary focus is to ensure that our clients not only get a system that works for them, but that meets their needs in the smartest way possible," states Ms Loehlin. "A new system should not only eliminate existing problems; it should also give you the tools to run your business in an easier, faster and more flexible way. Implementing a new system is a golden opportunity to re-design your business to run the way you want it to, not the way some software package tells you to. My job is to make sure our clients take advantage of that opportunity."

  • John Greene 

    Vice President Operations

    Our Vice President Operations, John Greene works with the BMI team to make sure our customer's needs are met. With over 30 years of consulting and implementation experience involving several Enterprise Resource Planning software packages, Mr. Greene has helped develop and refine BMI's implementation methodology to ensure that systems are delivered on-time and on-budget.  

    “During my career I have been exposed to a diverse set of clients and industries” states Mr. Greene. “I get tremendous satisfaction working directly with business owners in order to help them achieve their strategic goals. Ultimately, their success translates to BMI’s success.”

    Mr. Greene works closely with our Director of Business Development on new project engagements to ensure a smooth transition from the sales phase to the implementation phase and also works closely with Ms. Loehlin.  Together they continue to grow BMI’s professional staff in order to meet the evolving business needs of our clients.

    Mr. Greene holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Princeton University.

  • Len Kishter

    Vice President Corporate

    Len Kishter has been part of BMI Software since its inception. His high-level technical background working as a network engineer and implementing ERP systems gave him the skills to solve a variety of issues as he took on many roles during the evolution of BMI. 

    "I am dedicated to working with our team to bring technology to our customers and help them thrive in a modern marketplace. I help to keep the company running like a well-oiled machine."

  • Michael Breuer

    Principal Solution Manager

    Mr. Breuer oversees all development efforts at BMI as well as the recruitment of new development staff. 

    He began his career in the aerospace and defense industry with Westar Corporation.  He began working with NAV in 2001 and joined BMI in 2007.  He started as an application developer but was quickly recognized for his technical abilities and dedication to the NAV platform and is recognized by his peers as one of the foremost NAV developers in North America.

    Mr. Breuer holds a Computer Science degree from the University Of Missouri, St. Louis and various other Microsoft technical certifications.

  • Raymond Hill

    Director of Business Development

    Mr. Hill heads up the BMI Sales & Marketing efforts along with support and customization for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Raymond brings a relationship-based sales style to the BMI team yet a tenacious way of going about it, and an absolute commitment to the clients he has the honor to serve.  He has spent his entire career in the software industry since the 1990s.

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