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Business Advisory

BMI helps you outperform your competition through applied technology, improved processes, and business strategy

30+ Years of Experience

 Best Practices Advice

Analytics and Reporting

The evolving digital business world is more complex and has more moving parts to keep track of than ever before. Changes are coming at the speed of light, and customers may resort to seeking assistance from multiple vendors to get a resolution to their issues. 

Find the accurate answers you are looking for with the experienced BMI team, where you have one source for all your ERP/accounting, technology, and business questions.  

It can be frustrating for companies moving to a cloud deployment to know how to figure out licensing models and pricing. It's not easy to leverage the broad functionality and powerful integrations of software companies like Microsoft.

BMI can help with:

  • Strategy for the best-fit ERP and CRM for your organization

  • The business case for deployment - on premise or in the cloud

  • Analytics and reporting Strategy

  • Integration decisions and development

  • Technology evaluation and recommendations

  • Strategy to Improve business performance

  • Address risk and compliance

Our team has the understanding and education to help you transform your business. We are straight-talking, knowledgeable, and practical consultants who will give you the best advice for thriving and competing in the digital age.

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