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Office Products Distribution

Your Office Supply and Business Product Customers Will Become Your Biggest Fans

At Last, a Business Solution that Allows Independent Office and Business
Product Distributors to Compete with the Power Channel.

Easy Orders

Deliver a powerful eCommerce site so your customers can replenish supplies in a few clicks.

Easy Workflows

One seamless connection between your online business and BMI ERP Distribution Software.

Easy Decisions

Give customers an experience that keeps them coming back. Build repeat orders and customer loyalty.

“We could not be happier with the functionality of the Office Products
solution from BMI. It fits our business like a glove.”

Bob Mairena-President

Competition is fierce for independent distributors of Office Products. Amazon and the Power Channel are pursuing the same business as you are by implementing technology and resources that are tough to match. 

BMI knows the office products industry and offers a robust solution powered by Microsoft.

  • Your customers demand an easy way to place orders and receive goods where and when they want them. If you want them to come back for repeat business, there is no room for sloppy operations that drive them into the arms of another company.

  • Connect all your processes in one solution

  • One source of information online or in-house

  • Flexibility to accommodate promotions and pricing specials

  • Attract repeat business and earn customer loyalty

  • Allow your customers to order on-the-go from any device

  • Optimize your inventory with right information

Bmi Office Products.png
  • Designed specifically for Office Product, Jan/San, and Industrial Supply distributors and dealers.

  • Our software offers your direct connection to SP Richards, Essendant, and BMI Advanced Search Engines.

  • Accounting is no longer an after-thought for your business, but a way to deliver meaningful decisions for growth. 

It’s a business system that is:

  • Flexible - Keep doing what makes you unique and competitive. We’ll help you meet your challenges with technology. 

  • Robust Functionality - Made with care for the independent Office & Business Products industry by experts. 

  • Familiar - Get up to speed fast since your employees already know Microsoft technology such as Word, Excel and Outlook applications. 

  • Reputation - BMI specializes in solving the challenges facing distribution companies and dealers. Not only do we understand the software, but we understand your business. 

  • Integration - From order to fulfillment and everything in between. World-class accounting and supply chain.

  • Affordable - We provide options hosted in the cloud to reduce or even eliminate infrastructure costs. 

Image by Lukas Blazek

Here are the top features for BMI Software for Office Products Distributors. We included some of the benefits that improve your ROI (Return on Investment).

Do Business Your Way. We’ll Back You Up

All dealers have similar issues with bump-down, wrap and label, matrix pricing, and carton sourcing.  However, every dealer has a unique approach to operations that is necessary to make themselves stand-out in the market. BMI offers you multiple options so you can do business "your way."                                                                                                                                                               

Have you acquired another distribution dealer? 

Have you purchased a brand new distribution business? 

This common industry practice is often an accounting headache for most distributors. Consolidations are routine with BMI's solution. Our dealers tell us they can integrate another company into their accounting -  often with no help at all from BMI. 

Give your business the edge it needs to compete successfully. To learn more or to schedule a demonstration for your team,

Contact Us today at 888-580-8382

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