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Office Mopping

Janitorial/Sanitation Supply

Make it Easy for Your Jan/San Supply Customers to Do Business with You

Easy Orders

Deliver a powerful eCommerce site so your customers can replenish supplies in a few clicks.

Easy Workflows

One seamless connection between your online business and BMI ERP distribution software.

Easy Decisions 

Give customers an experience that keeps them coming back. Build repeat orders and customer loyalty.

Your Jan/San Customers can’t afford to run out of supplies when they are on the job. Make it easy for them to shop online and order everything they need and receive it rapidly. Give them a modern eCommerce site and ERP system that work together flawlessly. 

Manage everything you need to provide the kind of customer service that inspires repeat business with powerful industry-specific BMI SupplyAutomate.

  • Improve customer service 

  • Improve warehouse efficiency

  • Optimize inventory levels.

While our solutions use the latest technology, that is not all we are about. We are about improving your bottom line, and our team has the knowledge and experience to make it so.

Janitorial supplies

Kudos to the BMI team for a smooth implementation of our new ERP solution. We benefitted from your knowledge of the software, and from your understanding of our industry.

Jan/San Supplies Client

BMI SupplyAutomate is an ERP System Made for Janitorial/Sanitary Supply Distributors

  • Connect All Your Processes in One Solution.

  • One Source of Information Online or In-House.

  • Flexibility to Accommodate Promotions and Pricing Specials.

  • Attract Repeat Business & Earn Customer Loyalty.

  • Let Your Customers Order on-the-go from Any Device.

  • Optimize Your Inventory With the Right Information.

BMI SupplyAutomate is Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP

Used by over 2 million Users Worldwide.

BMI SupplyAutomate is a completely integrated ERP Enterprise Resource Planning software suite based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and related Microsoft technologies. 

BMI Supply Automate is designed to provide a single point of entry for all critical business information that yields rapid and meaningful insight into important decision-driving information for Jan/San Supply Distributors.

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Janitorial supplies group of men and women cleaning office

Never Let Your Customers Run Out of Supplies Again

  • Offer your customers a streamlined way to place orders, and efficient processes to deliver what they want when they want it, and you will have a customer-for-life. 


  • With BMI’s modern connected ERP solution, the workarounds you have been forced to use with your legacy system are no longer needed. 


  • Gain a clear picture of ordering patterns, and make complex processes simple with Software from BMI.

Software Features that Work the Way You Do.

Improve Business Visibility

Seamless flow from orders-to-purchasing-to-delivery. Intelligent reporting that you can rely on.

Keep Operations Running Smoothly

Empower employees with information they can act on. Assure compliance with environmental regulations.

Boost Profits and Cash Flow

Invoice faster, collect faster and build up your cash flow. Identify buying patters and keep popular items in stock.

Productive Workforce

Use familiar technology to get up to speed fast. Employees can work from anywhere they happen to be.

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