Professional Services

Manage your consulting practice with a modern, integrated Cloud ERP solution

Professional services companies like architects, accountants, and lawyers are licensed professionals who have unique accounting requirements. Other professional services companies may provide IT or business consulting services with specialized training.

Companies in the professional services industry must be able to track and bill service-hours, procure parts or equipment for a project while meeting customer’s budget and timeline expectations.

BMI offers software and services that fit small-to-medium size companies such as:

  • Private Equity Firms 

  • Multi-Entity Organizations

  • Technology Companies

Private Equity Firms and Multi-Entity Organizations

Consolidate Financials

Intercompany transactions

Comprehensive ERP

Private Equity firms and Multi-Entity Organizations need to consolidate and organize financial data so they can operate efficiently and with transparency.  BMI can deliver a solution to help you manage customer and investor relationships, and gain visibility into deals, investors, and processes with robust accounting features as well as enable you to create stunning reports and dashboards.


An End-to-End Solution - Connect all your information with one comprehensive ERP solution that fits the Private Equity and Multi-Entity industries.

World-class Robust ERP/Accounting

  • Enjoy robust General Ledger functionality that millions of company use. 

  • Automate allocations to split into equal amounts, or you can specify a custom amount. 

  • Acquisitions

  • Additional companies can be setup easily. You have the option of copying selected or all General Ledger accounts, Vendors, or Customers from one company to another. Clone company setups to save time.

Intercompany transactions 

  • When paying vendor invoices on behalf of another company, select an expense code that will identify the General Ledger accounts you want transactions to post to for transactions between companies. Post transactions across multiple entities and stay in balance with automatic due to and due from transactions.

Consolidated Financials

  • Manage multiple companies with integrated tools to consolidate the accounts you specify. Enjoy comprehensive reporting, so you always know the financial health of each entity. ​

Multi-currencies, Multi-language

  • Need to operate with several local currencies but report from headquarters into a single currency? Can do! Meet global business needs with operations in many countries and applications displayed in different languages.


  • Look at the details behind the numbers by drilling down.

  • Superior Business Intelligence and reporting to make sense of your data


  • You can deploy on-premise or hosted in the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs. Your employees can access your business software from any device, from anywhere, and at any time.

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Technology Companies

Improve Response Times

Accurate Estimates

Earn Customers’ Trust

Companies who deliver technology services must be able to keep track of support issues, respond promptly, manage projects, estimate proposals properly, and meet client budgets and expectations. 

BMI understands the issues facing technology companies as we have been in the high-tech industry for 32+ years. Our software offers a path to manage your technology business so you can gain more customers-for-life.


Digital Transformation

Tech companies can use modern ERP to transform their internal processes. You can enforce standards for your services with work flow tools to ensure that your employees don’t skip a critical step.

Profitable Projects 

It’s all about real-time visibility. With a 360 degree view of every person, service, and material used on a project in real-time, you can head off issues as they surface, rather than after-the-fact, when it is too late to do something about it. 

Consolidated Financials

  • Manage multiple companies with integrated tools to consolidate the accounts you specify. Enjoy comprehensive reporting, so you always know the financial health of each entity. ​

Improved Productivity

What if your software could assign only the technicians to projects they are qualified to do the job? Imagine you have a visual calendar that you can use drag and drop to make changes instantly. Watch your productivity soar when machine-learning helps you make the right decisions.


Operate in the cloud and forget about investing in expensive in-house servers. Give every employee who needs access to your business system the ability to work regardless of their location or time zone. 

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