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Put AI and Machine Learning High on Your Checklist When Purchasing ERP Solutions

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Man vs. Machine

You may have watched the 90-minute documentary "AlphaGo" that recounts how a computer program plays a 3,000-year-old Chinese board game with the renowned GO champion Lee Sedol in a battle of wits between man and machine.

During the film, Sedol discusses how he heard of celebrations in the streets that he, a human, won one of the match's five games against the machine.

The documentary records a weeklong tournament that is surprisingly dramatic and intriguing. The film gives a peek into how humans think and how AI has evolved to get closer to human intelligence.

Instead of looking at AI as man vs. machine, it may be more accurate to see it as man supported by machine.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a trending topic for businesses. The industry is applying the best of AI to streamline how we process information and make the best use of machine-learning to adapt technology to reality.

Implementing an ERP business management solution that offers AI and Machine Learning elements have made business growth possible for B2B small-to-medium businesses.

Move from Data Input to Data Understanding

Many companies use ERP systems to record day-to-day transactions within a specified period.

If you have a high-volume business, you may be resource-constrained, so the most you can accomplish is the data input and rudimentary reporting. This information gap affects your ability to make informed decisions for your business.

A modern ERP solution provides artificial intelligence elements to help manage the data streams from Finance, Inventory, CRM, and Supply Chain. You can experience "uber" efficiency when AI makes sense of the massive amounts of information pouring into your organization. With AI's help, you can base your decisions on facts.

Legacy Systems Just Can't Keep Up Anymore

If you are operating on a legacy ERP solution, you likely know that the technology does not provide the insights that allow you to thrive in today's digital world.

There is no way to "teach" your outdated system what a modern ERP solution can do today.

Adding AI-enabled ERP to your organization's toolbox provides many benefits:

  • Optimize complex processes to reduce manual tasks and errors.

  • View your data in real-time.

  • Access your data from anywhere and any device.

  • One-click reports that provide insight.

  • Predict the future instead of focusing on the past.

  • And much more.

Machine learning allows Employees to Get More Done

You might think it's magic when suggested purchase recommendations pop into your Purchase requisition system based on criteria analyzed by AI. A computer can gather the historical data, filter items based on demand, evaluate due dates and inventory on-hand to make better decisions than a human can - and without any errors.

And machine-learning systems don't get angry when changes from the customer affect production; it's just data to AI.

Imagine how much easier report distribution is when scheduled and distributed to each individual according to their preferences.

Watch productivity soar when your Key Performance Indicators are displayed on a big screen on the factory floor. Inspire your workforce with real-time changes to the data to see their part in the big picture.

You can remove mundane repeatable tasks from your people and assign them to AI to handle. Everyone will be doing their best work all the time.

Why hire a human to reply to basic chat questions like "What are your hours of operation" "Where are you located?" "What is your phone number?" Let AI chatbots handle that job.

Use machine-learning technology to serve your website visitor the content that they show interest in learning more about. If they just read a blog on distribution, offer them an article on supply chain best practices to keep educating them while keeping them engaged on your website.

Allow your business system to learn, reason, and self-correct without human intervention.

There is Room for Humans and Machines in a Modern Business Management System

A machine simulating an intelligent business process is not the same as human intelligence adding brain power to interpret that data with perspective.

But a machine can view a large volume of data and identify patterns and anomalies far better than most humans.

If you are looking for ways to compete in a digital world, consider taking a leap into technology that empowers your people and satisfies your customers.


About the Author: Business Management International (BMI) is dedicated to bringing business technology to companies to help them compete. We're not afraid to offer radically excellent customer service and proudly offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.



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