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Project success depends on the quality of planning and analysis. Remember the old saying, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

The benefits of a new software implementation project, most notably efficiency, increased performance, and reporting, are easy to imagine. However, we find that not enough attention is paid to how you get from vendor and product selection to going live. Good intentions and well meaning aspirations do not translate into a meaningful and successful implementation. There must be a plan and there has to be mechanisms in place to support and execute the plan.

Through numerous implementations in businesses of all sizes and types, BMI has learned that there are many similarities between implementations and there are vast differences. The differences are what make these businesses unique and our overall project approach is particularly suited to identifying and addressing the unique aspects of your business.

The overall plan is broken down into phases. Each phase has various task components. While we believe that every project should incorporate each of these phases, your business may or may not need all of the listed component tasks of each phase. In conjunction with your project team, we will develop a plan, which gives all of us the best chance of meeting your project objectives and functional business requirements.

After reviewing our implementation methodology, you should be able to see how your business will progress through each of the phases that will make up your total software system implementation. Remember to keep in mind that while we have outlined many different aspects of the implementation, we will tailor your plan to your exact requirements. The end result will be a professionally implemented solution that meets or exceeds management and end-user expectations.

The five phases listed below are intended to encompass all of the activities required to successfully complete your project. As stated earlier, we may not use all of the tasks in a given phase or we may add tasks to a given phase depending on your situation and your requirements. The five phases are listed below.

 1 - Planning

 - Gap Analysis, Questionnaire, Initial Data Migration, Introductory Training

 2 - Development

Software Setup, Modifications, Test & Verify Data

 3 - Delivery

Super-User Functional Training & Testing, Refinements

 4 - Dry Run

 - Simulated Data Conversion, Simulated Go-Live, Full Functional Testing, Staff Training, Refinements

 5 - Go Live

Production Rollout / Go Live

Each of these phases has tasks, deliverable and completion criteria. It is through these phases and the execution of the associated tasks and deliverable that we can guarantee a successful project. Call today at 888-580-8382 to find out how BMI can help you with your software implementation.

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