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Field Service Management

Reduce Response Times and Costs with Acumatica Field Service Management 

Browser Access

Stellar Customer Service


Maintain a real-time view of activities across all your operations

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Plan your routes rapidly

  • Improve how you manage routes for appointments by applying different criteria when you filter appointments.

  •  Plot the routes within Google Maps for each service person and include lists of required equipment.

  • View graphical displays that show different colors for the routes and order status, so dispatchers can respond to problems rapidly and make changes to routes if needed. 

  • With Acumatica routes, you can minimize drive time for your service people. Any changes to the route are instantly redrawn and available on the field technician’s mobile device.

Locate your tools and parts instantly

  • For field services, tools and repair parts can be in multiple vehicles and warehouses. With Acumatica, you have full visibility for all the locations and costs in each warehouse. 

  • Replenishment orders can be assigned to a designated location. When the parts arrive, the dispatcher is notified and can schedule a service appointment.

Manage your service contracts efficiently

  • Setup recurring service contracts with renewal dates for each contract to keep your valuable recurring revenue intact.  

  • Display the expiring contracts on a dashboard so the service team can be notified and be proactive. 

  • You can have multiple service schedules per customer. Use the Schedule Calendar to adjust appointments for staff and resources.

Expedite assignments for resources

  • Understand the service needs of your customers quickly.  Access all the information you need such as customer information, product history, and technician.

  • Shorten the time between receiving the call and assigning the job. 

Manage your resources

  • View all resource commitments to know who is available to work.

  • Match the tasks to the best fit for the customer and the skill-level of the resource.

  • Automatically generate work orders.

Streamline your scheduling process

  • Use the field services scheduling board to assign work to the right technician who has the certifications and skills to perform the work successfully.

  • Automatically create daily or weekly schedules or drag-and-drop on the scheduling board. 

Features and Capabilities

Field Service Management

Manage Mobile Services

Connect your field service crew through a browser-enabled device. For those who install the Android and Apple iOS (iPad) mobile app, they can access service information and customer details from anywhere at any time. If your organization uses laptops, you will have the same functionality.

Unexpected Service Calls

Analyze the impact on the team and pre-planned routes to minimize the impact, yet satisfy the customer. Add unplanned service calls with visual tools. You can send the new service order to the service technician's mobile device in the field.

Maintain Equipment

Know what equipment is at each customer site as well as the history of equipment or machines. Ensure that repair parts are available in-stock. You can view the equipment history starting from the quote through order, delivery, installation and includes any prior field service work. Find information that includes the manufacturer, model, configuration, and view future scheduled recurring orders.

Warranty Management

Communicate warranty offers to your customers to tell them which parts are covered under warranty to avoid confusion, mischarges, and objections. Ensure billing accuracy to offer your customers the best customer service.

Track Project Costs for Every Size Project

Field Service Management can handle small to large-sized projects. More complex tracking should be managed in Project Accounting if needed.

Inventory Transfers

Know where your goods are when in-transit to estimate delivery times accurately. Easily transfer inventory between locations.

Automate Purchase Orders

Acumatica generates purchase orders automatically based on inventory stock levels and replenishment algorithms. Select the vendor that meets the best price and requirements for delivery dates.  

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