BMI Safety Supply & Equipment Distribution Software


Optimize Your Distribution Operations

In today's competitive environment your Safety Supply & Equipment distribution business needs every advantage. Multiple departments, all working in unison to maximize profitability. With BMI Software for Jan/San Supply Distributors, we can help you improve customer service, improve warehouse efficiency and optimize inventory levels. While our solutions utilize the latest technology, that is not all we are about. We are about improving your bottom line and our team has the knowledge and experience to make that happen for your business.

BMI Software for Safety Supply & Equipment Distributors is a completely integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software suite based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and related Microsoft technologies. BMI Software is designed to provide a single point of entry for all critical business information that yields rapid and meaningful insight into important decision-driving information for Safety Supply & Equipment Distributors.

Advanced Functionality Is Available For:

  • E-Commerce - Help your customers connect easily and find the products they are looking for with minimal clicks.
  • Sales & Customer Service - Manage customer sales orders and provide prompt support for your customer's needs and inquiries.
  • Advanced Pricing - Handles the most complex pricing scenarios, matrix pricing, etc.
  • Returns Management - Customers can create their own return orders online or can go through customer service.
  • Inventory Management - Manage unlimited SKU's along with e-commerce content and re-ordering policies.  Never run out of a needed item again.
  • Supply Chain Management - Automate the Supply Chain from order inception through delivery to the customer's desk.
  • Route Management & POD - Optimize route planning for your delivery vehicles and collect proof-of-delivery signatures on a smartphone device.
  • Warehouse Operations & Logistics Management - Optimize warehouse operations, pick/pack/ship.
  • Purchasing & Planning - Buy what you need when you need it with our planning workbench.
  • Financials (GL, AP, AR) - Totally integrated accounting fuctions to manage all of your Receivables and Payables and generate real time financial statements on-demand.
  • Analytics - Metrics that allow you to analyze your business in ways that are important to you.
  • Customer Relationship Management - Manage prospects, to-do's, opportunities, lists, etc.

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