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Let BMI's development team handle your web site, business portal and mobile app development needs. Whether it is a public-facing World Wide Web site, a business portal to enable connection amongst your customers and suppliers or a mobile app for your customers, suppliers and/or employees, BMI has the depth of resources to handle all of your requirements with an on-time and on-budget deployment that will provide a solid return on your investment.

Web Development2Your web site plays a very large part in how your company's image is projected to the public.  It is generally the first impression that people get about your company. Let us help you project the image that puts your company in the most favorable light. 

Our sites use industry standard PHP, SQL and .NET development tools.  We also use industry standard content management systems (CMS) from Joomla and WordPress.  With a CMS, most users can manage and maintain their content without the need for programming every time you want to make a change.  Web sites from BMI feature "Responsive" design where a single site will render properly on any device type.  No need to have separate desktop and mobile sites.  Click the "Web Development" button to the left to see some sample web site designs.

business portal1BMI can design and create portals for employees, customers and vendors.  Collaboration is a big part of doing business today.  Secure portals can be used by employees, customers and vendors to enter and/or upload human resource information, sales orders, purchase orders and other types of business transactions.  Not only can we provide these secure mechanisms to transmit and receive data, we can also help you interface to your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.  Our team of expert UI Designers and Specialists create visually stunning, functional and user friendly designs.  Click the "Business Portal Development" button to the left to see some sample portal designs. 


mobile development1There is no denying the trend towards smartphone and mobile devices.  There is a whole wave of workers, known as Millennials, coming into the work force that will insist on interacting with their mobile devices.  To many of these workers, desktop PC's are as archaic as 8 track tapes were to the previous generation.  Mobile applications can be developed for a wide variety of business applications such as Mobile E-Commerce, Sales Order Entry, Inventory/Warehouse Management, etc.  Click the "Mobile App Development" button to the left to see some sample mobile app designs.  




Call us today at 888-580-8382 to talk about how we can help with your web site, business portal and mobile app development needs.  The consultation is free with no obligation and we provide mock-ups for the design at no charge.