Dynamics NAV / Navision Upgrades

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

At BMI, we understand what is involved in the execution of a successful Dynamics NAV / Navision upgrade project.  We support all versions of NAV / Navision, from V1 to NAV 2018 and Dynamics 365 and everything in between so no version is too old or too new for us to upgrade and support.

There are many issues to consider when contemplating an upgrade.  Some of those are:

  • How modified is my current version?
  • Does it make sense to re-implement NAV / Navision as opposed to upgrading our heavily customized system?
  • Is our business model the same now as it was when we originally implemented Navision?
  • Can new standard functionality in NAV / Navision replace some of the customizations we have done?
  • What new functionality is available?
  • What new technology is available?
  • Do we need to upgrade our infrastructure to support the new upgraded version?
  • Are we using any Add-On NAV / Navision modules that need to be upgraded?
  • What investment will we have to make to successfully complete the upgrade?

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