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Project Accounting

Take control of your projects to deliver on time and on budget every time.

See All Your Costs

Know What to Bill

Select Your Resources

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Acumatica Project Accounting seamlessly integrates with Acumatica ERP including 

  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Sales Order Management

  • Purchase Order Management

  • Inventory Management 

  • and more.

Acumatica Project Accounting works well for Professional Services organizations such as:

  • Engineering and construction

  • Marketing companies

  • Consultants 

  • Law firms

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Monitor Project and Costs

Always know the activity on your projects. View material costs, labor, services, and inventory for the project.

Flexible options for customer billing

Benefit from multiple billing rates by type of work, employee/customer, or specific project. Recognize revenue by completion percentage or task progress.

Take control of budgets

Browser-based Acumatica allows remote employees, installers, contractors, and others to submit work orders and timesheets online.

Manage Change Orders

Get control of scope-creep with your projects. Create change orders backed by documentation, and use workflows to automate your process. 

Benefit from a robust application that handles:

  • Expense Allocation 

  • Revenue Recognition 

  • Budget Tracking 

  • WIP Support 

  • Resource Management

Features and Capabilities

Project Accounting Management Applications

Project Cost Tracking

View all project-related costs, including materials, services, labor, as well as items from inventory. You can use formulas to allocate and overhead expenses and shared costs to projects. Project Accounting is ideal for businesses like construction, engineering, marketing, consultants, legal, etc.

Advanced Project Billing

Acumatica allows you to manage multiple billing methods such as:

  • Cost plus

  • Fixed price

  • Time and materials

  • Milestone billing 

  • Contract pricing

You can change your resource bill rates for projects, project tasks, account and employee groups, or items in inventory. Create flexible labor and materials billing by the customer, the work completed, or a project contract.

Time and Expense Management

Contractors, employees, and partners can input timesheets and expenses from anywhere using any browser-based device. Simplify your collection activities with Acumatica Project Accounting.

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