BMI Mobile/Smartphone E-Commerce Solutions 


Your customers need to have a choice about how they want to interact with your business. The Mobile/Smartphone revolution is here to stay. These devices are already outselling desktop and laptop PC's.

Consider these facts: (From Website Magazine-September 2014)

  • The average person looks at their smartphone 110 times per day
  • This year the number of mobile devices in circulation (7.7 billion) will exceed the world population (7.1B)
  • 58% of Americans own a smartphone and 42% own a tablet
  • Nearly 1/3 of all eBay purchase include some type of interaction with a mobile device at some point during the transaction
  • In 2018 Goldman Sachs estimates that $626B in online sales will come from mobile devices
  • Mobile commerce grew from $2.2B in 2010 to $42.8B in 2013

Paul Gatens-VP, SP Richards comments, "With the growth in mobile commerce, those resellers who focus on keeping their customer’s omnichannel experience in mind will attract and retain more customers.”

Key Features Of BMI Mobile E-Commerce:

  • Allows existing customers to login, shop and checkout securely with rules you have set up
  • Allows B2C type transactions for customers that don't already have an account
  • Customers can search for product with distributor controlled positioning (first in search)
  • Browse categories
  • Choose items from any "Favorites" list
  • Support "Quick Order" for rapid order entry of known products
  • View "Order History" w/re-order functionality
  • Ink & Toner Finder
  • Approve Orders
  • Runs on any mobile/smartphone browser

Don't lose business because you can't offer a mobile/smartphone shopping experience. The "Power Channel" players offer mobile access to their e-commerce sites, shouldn't you? Call us today at 888-580-8382 to find out how you can get your customers on your e-commerce site from any device they own.