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Manufacturing Management

Optimize your Manufacturing Operations with Integrated Real-Time Information 

Fully Integrated

Gain Efficiencies

Produce More 

Industries we serve:

Aerospace and Defense Instruments and Related Products


Medical Devices

Electronic Machinery and Components

Transportation Equipment


Food and Beverage

Industrial Machinery and Equipment


And more.

Acumatica Manufacturing is a powerful, comprehensive solution that works well for several manufacturing modes such as:

  • Make-to-Stock

  • Make-to-Order

  • Engineer-to-Order

  • Project Centric

  • Job Shop

  • Repetitive

  • Batch


Manufacturing integrates with Acumatica’s Financial Management, Distribution Management, Customer Management, and Project Accounting 


Manage all manufacturing activities

Access the information you need to know to make smart decisions - from the back office to the factory floor.

Visibility of labor, machines, and inventory so you can improve company processes 

Scalable software that you won’t outgrow

Add more functionality when needed as your business grows. 

Empower your employees to accomplish more with an easy-to-use adaptable solution.

Meet your customer’s deadlines

Quickly respond to customer demand while reducing costs for inventory and resources

Use modern MRP planning to know what needs to be purchased, quantities, and promised delivery dates

Know your costs

  • Always know what your material and labor costs are through the entire production cycle 

  • View estimated, planned, and standard production costs and compare to actual production costs 

Features and Capabilities

Manufacturing Management Applications


You can quickly create estimates for new or existing items, and with a few clicks, transform them into BOMS (bills of materials), production orders, or additional estimates.

Bill of Materials and Routing

Benefit from real-time price and cost rollup for production orders, quotes and sales orders.

Production Management

You can manage and monitor your shop floor schedule as well as finite and infinite work center capacity. You can evaluate what-if planning scenarios, view capable-to-promise, as well as schedule employee and equipment resources.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

With Acumatica Manufacturing, you can tie production orders to a project task or produce it to stock. By manufacturing to a project, you can manage all associated costs down to the project task level. Compare your user established budget to actual costs. 

Change Order Management

Manage, automate, and organize your change requests, plans, and actual changes to a bill of materials. Exercise full control with approvals throughout every step of the process, from the engineering change request to the engineering change notice.

Manage Sales and Purchasing Orders

Streamline procurement processes, manage sales activities, and automate order fulfillment processes for both internal and external customers.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Better meet your customers’ demands. Set accurate delivery dates based on resource availability that your customers can rely on.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Streamline your distribution processes with advanced warehouse operations for inventory management, receiving, and fulfillment of orders. Reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction with barcode scanners and mobile devices.

Advanced Financials

Enhance Acumatica’s base financials with GL consolidation, sub-accounts, and automatic revenue recognition.

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