EDI For Dynamics NAVEDI For Navision

Microsoft Dynamics NAV® EDI allows companies to have it all when dealing with trading partners. Whether it’s the flexibility to adapt to trading partner requirements or simply the ability to quickly and efficiently implement new trading partners, Dynamics NAV EDI and BMI´s experience will allow you to make the most of your partnerships

Key BMI EDI Benefits:

  • Totally built inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing the users unprecedented access to any data, documents or transactions.
  • Supports the X12, Automotive, EDIFACT standards, and multiple file formats.
  • EDI documents are held in their normal NAV location (ex: invoices with invoices) as well as in an EDI electronic file cabinet for easy access and review.
  • Alerts enable the user to display selected alerts when a specified alert action occurs.
  • Combines handling the cross referencing of incoming data to the business system data and mapping in one step.

EDI solutions from BMI fully supports the X12, automotive, UCS, and EDIFACT standards. In fact, multiple standards are often supported within a single transmission to or from a Value Added Network (VAN). In addition to these standards, each industry has added their own specific requirements to support their business transactions. The EDI solution is operating across all of these standards, and can provide the requisite labels whether they are UCC 128, AIAG, or other custom formatted labels.

The BMI EDI Approach

Our EDI solution is unique in that it includes a logical mapping tool, built inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to allow the seamless mapping of EDI transactions within the business system. Perhaps the most important part of an EDI solution is the integration with your internal business processes, yet many companies use a number of software packages, often not integrated, to try to accomplish this task. Historically, EDI translation has been handled outside the business system, leaving the final linkage into the business system database to programmers, hard-coded programs, or even manual entry. The BMI EDI solution takes a more efficient approach by incorporating the mapping and cross-reference process inside NAV. This provides a single mapping process between the EDI documents and the business system database, a consistent user interface, NAV native drill down from either a business document or an EDI document to the related transaction detail, and a logical place for EDI archives.


EDI Alerts enable the user to display selected alerts when a specified alert action occurs. Each EDI Alert contains a text description of the alert action EDI Trace or NAV Native drill down allows the review of related transaction detail associated to each EDI Alert.

Cross-Reference Engine

Often the most difficult part of the EDI translation process is the cross-referencing of incoming data to the business system data. For example, a trading partner typically orders an inventory item using one of several numbers, none of which may be the number you use to identify that item in your system. Because the EDI product is built inside Dynamics NAV, it handles the cross-referencing and mapping in a single step inside your business system. Standard Cross References Include:

  • Items
  • Units of Measure
  • Sell-To
  • Ship-To
  • Ship-For
  • Distribution Centers
  • Shipping Agent
  • Payment Terms
  • Shipping Payment Type
  • Shipment Method Code
  • Tax Area Code
  • And Others

Respond Quickly to Changing Requirements

Whether setting up a new trading partner or responding to changes with an existing one, the BMI EDI solution gives you the tools to quickly and efficiently comply with your customer’s or vendor’s changing requirements.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With superior visibility to real-time information, EDI provides you with the tools necessary to automate and streamline your business processes, which enables you to respond to your customer demands on the fly and with accurate information.

The Dynamics NAV EDI mapping capabilities are further augmented by the addition of specific trading partner packages that include previously mapped transactions for major trading partners. The value this brings is that these maps are templates that can easily be modified and maintained as trading partner requirements change. Now you can easily leverage work you’ve already done to bring those partners live in a much more efficient and cost effective manner. Contact Us today and put the power of EDI to work for your business.