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Distribution Management

Deliver Precisely What Your Customers Order When and Where They Need It

Improve Customer Service

Minimize Costs

Reduce Order Times


Take control of your inventory

Gain real-time visibility of available inventory, in-transit inventory, reorder quantities and inventory costs

Streamline order processes

Optimize how you quote, enter, and fill orders to reduce order times and minimize costs. Manage multiple warehouses, returns, credit limits, and drops shipments with an easy to use application.

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Improve purchase order processes

Replenish your critical inventory items on time. Automate your purchasing process for better productivity.

Know your costs

Analyze real-time profitability by warehouse, product line, location, or business unit. Control costs for the entire supply and distribution chain.

Features and Capabilities

Distribution Management Applications

Requisition Management

Simplify complex distribution processes for multiple products and suppliers with automation. You can gather requests and bids as well as approve and manage quotes  and purchases with a powerful tool.

Automated Shipments

Use predefined packing rules for each product so you can increase shipment volumes. With a few clicks, Acumatica will determine packaging, generate labels, and confirm shipments for multiple orders.

Customer Notification

Keep customers informed of any sales orders status changes and email them tracking numbers when their order ships.

Inventory Bin/Location Control

Create multiple warehouses with inventory bins and location defined controls. Specify which items and transactions are allowed in the warehouse, the priority order for picking, and item costs.

Inventory Lot and Serial Numbering

You can track inventory using lots or serial numbers. When you receive, issue, or assemble items you can assign or enter the lot and serial numbers.  You can associate serial numbers with specific valuation methods for the items.

Inventory Transfers

Know where your goods are when in-transit to estimate delivery times accurately. Easily transfer inventory between locations.

Automate Purchase Orders

Acumatica generates purchase orders automatically based on inventory stock levels and replenishment algorithms. Select the vendor that meets the best price and requirements for delivery dates.  

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Flexible Receiving Options

Acumatica offers flexibility for you to partially or fully receive purchase orders. You can combine multiple purchase orders into one receipt or enter several invoices against a receipt.

Sales Order Discounts and Promotions

Manage and apply policies for complex pricing and discounts, such as volume discounts and multiple discounts per item. You can establish rules to control price over-rides.

Workflow and Approvals

Use workflows to create standardized rules for sales orders and purchase orders. You can base these rules on the order type, vendor information, discount amount, order amount, or transaction-specific information.

USPS Integration

Automatically get real-time freight costs for every shipment that your company handles. You can print carrier labels, and track shipments using tracking numbers provided by the carrier. (This is available in the U.S. only).

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