Our Client's Favorite Features & Functions

Providing Real Return On Investment

For any investment to make sense, there has to be value and there has to be a return on the investment.  It is easy for us to tell you about all the great features and functionality that we have but we thought it would be useful for you to hear about the features and functions that add real value to their businesses, as told to us by our clients.

  • "Pick Ticket Engine" has greatly improved warehouse work flow by utilizing the flexibility of our order picking process.  We offer a wide range of controls with wave picking, order picking, bulk picking as well as special order handling. 
  • Having our delivery system integrated with hand held devices quickly and easily transmits POD (proof of delivery) information back to the system. End customers can look at their e-commerce site to see POD signatures which allows our clients to signifcantly reduce customer service hours tracking down delivery questions.
  • "Pricing Engine" makes short work out of complicated pricing scenarios. You can generate pricing based on a discount of list price, a markup of cost or a specific price for a specific customer.  Additionally you can assign minimum and maximum gross profit levels and specify pricing contract priority order.  i.e. Always charge the lowest price or highest price when a specific customer and item scenario crosses multiple contracts.  You can export your contract model to Excel, manipulate numbers and then import back into the system.  Finally, you can assign any given pricing contract across all customers, individual customers, one specific customer, groups of customer (schools, hospitals, etc), or a sales rep and can include as many or as few items as you need.
  • "Wholesale Sourcing" process allows our clients to monitor transmissions at the order or line level which can be defined, for example, by a minimum GP%, Min Value or Min Qty allowing their purchasing department to focus on the relevant trouble areas instead of looking at all the sales lines.  Items and categories can also be flagged for review.
  • “E-Com Wrapper” function coupled with using an “alternate company” in the NAV ERP software allows our customers to very easily add another line of business with a different e-com site URL, logo and products with minimal involvement from BMI.
  • "Margin Management" function allows you to look at specific customers or contracts and easily update pricing to maintain margins when wholesaler/manufacturer costs change.  The larger the client, the more significant the margin gain/loss, in real dollars, will be. Some client's maintain that this one piece of functionality has paid for the entire system.
  • "Price Quote" function lets you put in a list of pricing for a contact, even if they are not a customer yet.  You can convert the contact to a customer, and the price quote to an extended price schedule (contract) with a couple of button clicks. Getting a price list that eventually becomes a contract is great for the salespeople. It doesn’t clutter up the contracts with pricing that isn’t used, and if the customer wants to place an order with their new pricing, it is very quick and easy to convert.
  • E-Commerce site has great functionality that can support any type of customer from small customers with a few users to large institutions with thousands of users and very sophisticated functionality demands. 
  • "Vendor Unit Cost Analysis" functionality quickly and easily examines your items and ensures that you are always buying your items at the lowest possible cost.
  • Real-time, integrated financial statements are always available, on-demand, to see exactly how your business is doing at any time of the month or year.  From cash flow to profit and loss, never be in the dark about how your business is doing.
  • "Customer Service Cockpit" empowers CSR's by turning them into a dynamic part of the sales and marketing team instead of them just being order takers.  From a single screen, virtually any customer questions and requests can be answered and fulfilled.  Anything from "can you supply this product?" to "where is my order?" to "I lost my invoice" can be addressed.  The speed at which these questions can be answered portray a well-organized and capable company that customers will want to do business with.
  • The purchasing department can handle a much larger volume of activity with less resources because our software turns the entire process into dealing wtih "exceptions only".  If stock replenishment recommendations are accepted and the wholesalers have a high fulfillment rate, attention can be turned to dealing with special orders and any other exceptions.
  • The ease of access to information by using the system-wide filtering capabilities makes going through a lot of data, a much less demanding task.  Look at any list (customers, items, vendors, open invoices, etc) and quickly filter for specific values.  i.e. All invoices over 90 days old.
  • Deep integration to Excel.  From simple exporting of any list to generating financial statements, the software is designed to work with Excel.

There are literally thousands of other features in the BMI Software but we wanted you to get a feel for the features and functionality that really resonates with our users.

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